December 19th, 2011

5 Reasons to Improve Your Posture

The work that I do improves posture. I learned that good posture is vital to feeling good many years ago when I was depressed. I felt down about myself, my work, my relationships and where I lived. I was fit, and I’ve always been athletic, but I still felt down. Someone told me that I needed to improve my posture. I started to work with a Zentherapy┬« practitioner to reduce the tightness in my body and my posture began to change dramatically. I stood taller. I felt lighter. My whole life felt freer, easier and more fun. I soon became a Zentherapy┬« practitioner myself and I work with women to reduce the tightness and pain in their bodies. I also teach people about the power of alignment. Here are 5 reasons why:
Good posture….
1) Prevents pain

Pain is a result of tightness and misalignment in the body. When you’re aligned and the muscles are relaxed, you become free of pain.

2) Increases freedom of movement
Good posture makes you youthful, lighter, more graceful and more fluid in your body.

3) Promotes flexible thinking

When your body is relaxed, your brain follows suit. It’s as if the fog lifts and you can see and think more clearly.4) Improves how you feel
I always say: “the issues are in the tissues”. This is because we clench up and store all our past hurts and traumas in the tissues of the body. As your body lets go of this tension, the old unresolved emotions release as well. Returning back to alignment allows you to literally “lighten up”.

5) Sends non verbal messages to others

The way you sit, stand, walk and carry yourself in the world says a lot about you. the better your posture, the more capable, confident and enthusiastic you appear to others.

Here’s a picture of me and fellow ZenBodytherapy┬« practitioner Sean English, teaching the power of posture to folks at Glam Media.

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