April 26th, 2011

5 Ways to Change Your Life

I frequently call these The 5 C’s for Change when I share them in classes and workshops. It has evolved (just as I have) in my work on myself and with clients. Here is my latest and greatest version. May it serve you well.

1) Choose

Do you really want to change? Seriously. A lot of people say they want change, but they don’t mean it. Consider for a moment–what part of you has benefited from the way things are? As an example, let’s say some small part of you thinks you don’t deserve to be happy or have the relationship of your dreams. By making conscious shifts toward happiness you might then do things to slip up and sabotage yourself. That small part of you can then say, “See, I told you so,” or “I’m right, I knew I didn’t deserve to be happy.” Your choice to be happy might take some serious choosing and commitment.

2) Clean Up

What is weighing you down? What parts of your past are getting in your way? What are some of your habitual beliefs, patterns of negative self-talk, poor eating, lack of sleeping or self-care? What needs cleaning up in your relationships? What’s been left unsaid or undone?
The beauty about clean up is all the space that is created for something new.

3) Create
What new possibilities will you create? Focus on the big picture and what might feel incredible in your life. Get a clear picture. Engage all senses to connect with what you want. What is juicy and really exciting to you?

If there were no limits, here’s how my life would be….
creative, joyful, poetry in motion, full of love, abundant, passionate, playful
[add your ideas here]

4) Cultivate
Set up your environment so that it will support your growth. 
Tell people what you’re up to. That way they can be there to remind you when you forget
. Find coaches, teachers or helpers to keep you feeling inspired and on track. 
Collaborate with others and gain powerful momentum from a group. Address your whole body, mind and spirit to create an environment that is balanced, clear and aligned and ready to support the powerful shifts you are making.

5) Celebrate

Each day and each week pay attention to what went well. Celebrate each and every step (big or small). Acknowledge victories. Find the lesson in any mistake and use it.

Play a game of gratitude and cut the complaining. Remember to celebrate because the journey is much more fun that way!

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