November 10th, 2011

7 Ways to Boost Your Resilience

Do you feel a little sluggish, slow, sore-throaty, achy, tired and worn out? If you’re feeling less than your spunky, sparkly self, here are a few ideas to give your immune system a boost:

1) Take a cold shower

I fell in love with this ritual after spending time in Japan. Japan has a bathing culture, where many of the towns had bath houses and soaking places where people could enjoy the mineral rich hot spring waters. One of the keys to the bathing ritual is the combination of hot and cold. After a good scrub down, they immerse their body into steaming warm waters to soak. Then they get out and pour cold water all over their skin. The process can be repeated many times. Every chance I get I fill the tub with warm water. I let my body melt into the water for a few minutes. Then I hop out and pour cold water all over myself. Especially down the back, around the middle back. If you have 2 bathrooms in the house, use the tub in one and then cold shower in another. It’s an awesome way to flush the system. If you’d like to know more, here are some links below about cold water therapy. From what I’ve read, adding cold showers to your daily regimen over time can increase blood flow, boost immune function, decrease inflammation, strengthens the nervous system, and makes you more tolerant to variations in temperature.
Cold Shower Cures from
Cold Water Therapy from Mark’s Daily Apple
4 Reasons Why You Need to Take Cold Showers
from I Need

2) Relax
The fastest way I relax is to breathe. Soon I’ll write a post with a simple little breathing exercise. But for now, just take a deep breath. And then another. I’m doing this as I type…ahhhhh, feels good.
At least two or three times a week I soak in this soothing detox salt bath (rose petals optional). I tend to soak more often on the days that I feel tired or depleted.

3) Gargle with salt water (for a sore throat)
Didn’t Mom always tell you to do that? Mine did.

4) Eat well
For me, eating well is all about being inspired to nourish my body. I usually ask: what might be really easy for my body to digest? What could warm me up? I love soup!, especially healing chicken bone broths or different kinds of porridge. Maybe your system wants you to spice things up.  If it’s easy to digest and assimilate it takes less energy for digestion and more energy is available to boost your body’s immunity.

5) Sleep
Here’s how I get a good night’s sleep. This guided meditation from Meditation Oasis can also soothe you into a restful state.

6) Focus on feeling good
When I’m driving, I’ve got to keep my eyes on the road in order to get to my destination, right? If I want to stay healthy, vibrant and energized throughout the season then telling myself, “Ugh, it’s cold and flu season, I hate it how I always get sick”…) is like steering myself off a cliff. Why would I do that? It’s certainly not intentional. It’s habitual. To focus on feeling good I might consider: “What if my body is UBER resilient?” and “It’s amazing how good I feel right now” and I might even sprinkle in some gratitude, “Body, you’re doing a great job. Thank you! Keep up the good work!”

7) Folk Remedies
This is a really neat site:, with tons of holistic remedies. Apple Cider Vinegar is one example that’s high on their list for flu fighting power. I’ve started adding 2 tablespoons to a tall glass of water. The Frisky Lemon uses this simple ingredient to make apple cider pancakes. YUM!

We’d love to hear how you give your immune system a boost. Please share with your comments below.


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