October 7th, 2010

Make Dreams Come True: How to Create a Vision Board

Successful businesses have a mission and vision. Shouldn’t you?

I consulted friend and colleague of mine, Azar Hafizi for her tips on how to create a vision board. Azar has been creating and using vision boards for the last 10 years and is delighted by the effects her vision work has had on her life.

What is a vision board/dream board?

A Vision Board is a visual representation or collage of the things that you want to create in your life. It is a powerful tool for  creating all that you want to be, do or have. The purpose of the vision board is to more clearly define and thereby strengthen the possibility for manifesting all your desires quickly and easily. Plus, it’s fun!
Esther and Jerry Hicks teach The Law of Attraction. They explain that you create that which you focus on. So it’s a good idea to focus on what you want. (Check out Ask and It is Given. It’s an excellent book to learn more about this.)

Vision Board Suggestions:
1) Create your vision board on your own or with a group.
2) Be grounded and centered. You want to create from your heart, not your head. Use this grounding meditation if you need help relaxing and quieting the mind.
3) Focus on feeling good. Imagine your perfect day–from the moment you wake up how do you feel? For me, I would feel energized, fluid and connected. When I create my board I imagine myself feeling this way and then the images I use support this feeling.
4) The more visual and sensory you make it the better–Use images from photographs or magazines along with phrases and words to represent your dreams and goals. Azar suggests putting a picture of yourself in the center of the board.
5) Azar also recommends that you consider these questions:

What inspires me? What does my soul want? What do I want to bring more
to into my life? How do I want to feel on a regular basis?

Special note: Don’t be afraid to dream big here…sometimes a little voice inside says, oh, I don’t deserve this. or I could never really have that…use meditation as a tool to keep your attention on the present. Keep coming back to your center–the part of you that is exhilarated by infinite possibility.

Once your board is complete you will have a visual reminder that helps to inform your subconscious mind of your goals, wishes and dreams, positive intentions, new beliefs, affirmations, evoking inner peace and meditations and positive actions.

Keep it playful and fun and see where it leads you…

Stories of How it Works…
Writing down a specific dollar amount on a real dollar bill helped me make a lot of money. (Woo Hoo!)

A beautiful and powerful visionary, Christine Kane, shares her story about vision boards here: How to Create a Vision Board. She includes helpful hints and examples of how a vision board can come together.

It’s a Party: Join Us to Create Your Vision Board
Azar and I are hosting a vision board party on Thurs, Oct 21st in Redwood City, CA.  You’re invited! Click here for details.

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