December 1st, 2011

Simplify & Enjoy the Holidays with 6 Questions

I have a tendency to feel overwhelmed around the holidays. It’s a time ripe with memories, full of hope, expectation, and in some cases…obligation. To be perfectly honest, I think it’s habitual: think shopping mall, get stressed. Below are some questions I ask myself to keep myself in check and “stop the madness” whenever my heart starts to race. As Abraham and Law of Attraction would say–focus on the good feeling thoughts to get into the flow.

What matters most to me right now?
sharing love, feeling joy, being at peace, connecting with family and friends

What matters least?
tackling everything on my to do list, finding the perfect gifts, fitting it all in and getting it all done, being a perfect host for holiday visitors, planning a great party or event

What do I love and what do I enjoy doing related to holiday?
scents, colors, textures, spending time with family and friends, being crafty with pine cones, juniper branches and bright red berries, a cozy cup of tea, staring off into a warm blazing fire, making hand-made gifts to give to family and friends.

What do I least enjoy?
shopping, cooking, cleaning, traffic, crowds, overspending, overeating

What could make this time of year more [insert your words here--for me it's playful, peaceful, energizing, yin, receptive, quiet]?
doing less of the things I least enjoy (above)
candlelit dinner
a warm soak at the end of the day
a walk through neighborhoods to see Christmas lights.

What’s one thing I can do today to bring more peace, calm, and joy into my life?
writing down this list
taking a deep breath
looking at my Holiday to do list and focusing most on the things I enjoy
cultivating awareness and remembering to slow down
breathing again
smiling and sharing this peace with anyone I meet

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May peace be with you, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!



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