March 11th, 2013

Your Body is a Vessel

It is an honor and privilege to be one of Stillheart’s Premier Coaches and part of Stillheart’s upcoming Stillheart @ Home Program. If you’re ready to kick-start change in your life, come to the Optimal Health and Wellness Summit this May to experience the magic of Stillheart and the ongoing support that this exciting program offers.

Why do I work with women and the body in my coaching?

So many of my clients come angry or disappointed with their body for some reason. Her body is always too fat, too weak, too painful, too old, too tired or failing her in some way.  “If only my body were…_____  [younger, lighter, freer, more energized]” she says.

These precious souls fail to see that the body is their biggest ally. It is a sacred vessel that has been holding her, supporting her, carrying her for her entire life. Responding to her every action and re-action. Even holding and containing emotions that she isn’t prepared to deal with in the moment. They are stored safe and sound in the fabric of our bodies. The body holds our life story. It is a colorful weave of unexpressed fears, shame, grief, guilt, anger, excitement, hope, desire, bliss.  These life experiences can either maintain a state of flow or create a variety blocks, tension and tightness.

My work addresses these blocks, tension and tightness. Why? Because it’s hard to focus on what you want: joy, freedom, self-expression, enthusiasm, optimism when your body is bogged down with what you don’t want: fear, anxiety, grief, trauma, life, and just “stuff”—who cares what it is, right, just stuff.

Working with the body is like direct communication with the heart of the matter. When someone wants to change, often their thoughts, beliefs and patterns trip them up or limit their perspective on what’s possible. Working with the body a person is often able to let go, release the grip on things they’ve been holding on to for a very long time without having to think about it. Imagine you’ve been carrying a backpack full of bricks your whole life and finally you start letting go of the bricks one by one. That’s what my work provides. 1) You develop deeper awareness and maybe even appreciation (oooh, imagine that!) of yourself on all levels 2) You begin to loosen the grip and let go of the “stuff” so we’re working with just you—not you and IT (IT = the stuff).

I work with the body and the energy system because it’s the fastest way I know to bring balance, ease and flow into your life. You don’t have to obsess over why or how.  You just let go and are free to be who you really are.


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