We humans forget ourselves. We forget how vital each thread is; the tapestry of our being, the fabric of our wholeness. We forget how connected we are with the world around us. We forget that we are both weaver and woven.

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Companies or executives hire us to work with employees one on one or for group education and development. 

We focus on leaders and change makers to discover what makes them uniquely brilliant. The purpose is to identify habits and patterns that obstruct this brilliance and it’s natural flow.

Unlike other executive or leadership coaching programs, our work takes into account the whole person—mind, heart and body. We also consider how she is interconnected with the fabric of her environment.  Our one-on-one coaching engages clients to fully embrace and embody a way of being in the world that serves them. Clients find that a shift in a person’s being is far more potent and productive than just learning a new habit or skill. For example: rather that teaching someone a new presentation skill they learn to embody and become engaging, authentic and present.

Each one on one coaching program is designed specifically for that individual with exercises and practices that support their ongoing development.

Group education programs are tailored to the organization’s goals and engage with teams on topics like leadership presence, balance, goal setting and prioritization, team building, productivity, mindfulness (self-awareness), resilience and alignment.

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November 25, 2014 |

Mode Media Corp.

I’ve always thought of myself as an open curious person, but now I truly feel this way, and this is very important to me. What I’m learning is a strength can also be a weakness and vice versa at times, and it’s knowing how to really read the situation to know what to lead with. – Kimberlee Adamski, Mobile Design Lead, Mode Media...

September 25, 2014 |

Genentech, Inc.

Rebecca recently facilitated a class on the Power of Posture for a team-building, wellness event at my company. Her style is inclusive, calming, inspiring and empathetic. As a result of Rebecca’s class, the team has challenged one another to incorporate our learnings into both our personal and professional lives. I use [what I learned] multiple times throughout my day to ensure I’m focused, relaxed and present! – Jenny Brokaw, Global Mobility Manager,...

July 15, 2014 |


Rebecca has a gently powerful presence and draws upon a deep well of wisdom in everything that she does; she’s a naturally skilled and intuitive coach. Rebecca walks the talk and has that rare ability to inspire and support you as you identify and then consciously remove blocks to the evolution into your highest potential, whatever that may be. – Regina Getz-Kikuchi, People Development,...

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